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Bad Buster
Maltese & Shih Tzu Mix
Age Range
4 years old
Under 10 pounds
White / Cream, Tan, Fawn
Spayed Neutered

December 31, 2023 Facebook Post from Second Chance Pet Adoption League for Bad Buster:

A New Year’s Eve message from Bad Buster… the cutest tiniest evilest little tiny terror around. He’s not for the faint of heart or sensitive types. If he could talk he would just swear nonstop. The type of friend you can’t take anywhere without apologizing for his behavior, but who can be kinda fun to hang with one on one and you can complain about the world together.

Original Post:
Buster is another tough little demonically possessed tiny dude who grudgingly (mutually, especially on our part, we really really really didn’t want another one right now) found his way to our rescue. We wouldn’t be surprised to learn that he’s related to our also crazy little semi-adoptable Nayla-squirrel-muppet as they share many of the same qualities, looks and personality and originated in the same town.

Buster is 4 years old, under 10 lbs, and may be the fountainhead from which this whole family of little psychos have sprung ? We aren’t sure of his mix- Nayla’s Dna test showed she’s mostly Shih tzu, Lhasa, chihuahua, and min pin. We would get him a dna test to confirm their relation but don’t think he would allow us to swab his mouth? He doesn’t want to be held responsible for all that child support. He’s neutered now so the gene pool is hopefully dead forever at last.

Buster has many great qualities. He’s adorable to look at, small and cute with an expressive face. He seems to be pretty good about housebreaking. He’s…. Umm, nope that’s it, that’s all his good qualities. He’s never murdered anyone as far as we know, or he’s covered up his past crimes well enough????

His likes include being told he’s cute from a distance, looking cute in photos, having his own space, and perching on his favorite soft comfy pillow surveying his empire. That’s all we have identified so far.

His dislikes? It’s a long, long list. Let’s see: vets, groomers, having his eye boogers wiped, being startled or handled when he doesn’t want to be, strangers, children, strangers’ children, babies, people considering having babies in his lifetime, visitors, delivery men, repairmen, probably men in general, being cuddled, being kissed in the face, being dressed up… that’s what we know so far. If you want to adopt him for some reason you can spend a lifetime discovering new things to enjoy hating together.

Email [email protected] to meet Buster in Northern NJ if you want a cute little Devil dog and the perfect excuse to be antisocial and get people to leave you alone and not ask you to babysit their children ever again.

To streamline adoptions, all communication before, during, and after the adoption process is done through email only: we have limited volunteers able to return phone calls.

Submit an application from our website to speed up the adoption process and email any questions to us at [email protected].
Please check your email regularly for next steps. All our dogs reside in foster care in Northern NJ until adoption and we do not have a central shelter location.
We are a small all-volunteer organization focused on rescuing local dogs from area shelters, as well as accepting some surrenders and puppy mill rescues.

Bad Buster is funny, protective, independent, curious, evil, very bad man, demon dog and would be best in a home without children

Email [email protected] to meet Bad Buster in Northern NJ

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