Fiona the Terrier Jack Russell Mix at Rosemarie's Rescue Ranch

Rosemarie's Rescue Ranch
Verona, NJ 07044
United States

Terrier Jack Russell Mix
Age Range
2 years old (Birthdate: 12/20/2021)
23 pounds
Brown, Black, and White

Fiona is one of our beloved shelter dogs we rescued from Aruba. We have found these dogs to be super accepting, super grateful to be under someone's care, and generally calm and quick learners. They just want to please you and get all the snuggles they've missed!

Fiona is 23 lbs and about 2 years old. She's a total love bug and her favorite pastime is.....snuggles and hugs time. When her foster first met her, she rolled over immediately for hugs and belly rubs, and to defer to her. She's a sweet, sweet girl, and although not tested with children, we're pretty sure she'd be great with them. She loves her 2 foster siblings and plays outside with them whenever she can. There were cats in the Aruba shelter so Fiona had exposure, and she was indifferent towards them which is great.

She is crate-trained, but a little hesitant at first. Throw in a little treat and she settles in just fine. Foster has the dogs eat in their crates to avoid food stealing, and it works out just fine. She eats a little more slowly than the others but is a good eater. She is a bit shy to be picked up, but never shows ANY aggression at any time. (She tends to tense up a bit, that's all.). Foster mostly lets her come to them for the time being, until she gets past that. She's so fun to watch zooming around the yard with her buddies - foster can't wait until it snows!!!

Fiona is very smart and has picked up the house routine quickly - for example, foster has her dogs sit before being fed. Fiona observed and picked it up in a matter of days! She's just learning about toys, and loves to chew on bones. She's a happy girl when she is with her person, and tends to follow foster around the house, hoping for a cuddle or some petting.

Fiona is a terrific dog - very docile, happy and friendly. She likes to sleep in and snuggle in the mornings (don't we all?). She is so good natured that she will fit in just about anywhere, but a companion dog would be wonderful. She needs some time and attention, and it will come back to her adopter in spades!!


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