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Miniature Schnauzer & Norfolk Terrier
Age Range
4 - 5 years old
30 pounds

January 2, 2024 Post for Marshall:
Fuzzy butterball Marshall is still looking for his forever home. Nervous at first with new people, goofy, playful and cuddly once he’s comfortable. He loves other dogs and must live with at least one other playful doggie friend (the more the merrier - he came from a hoarding house of 40 so he’s used to having a pack!) He’s a hilarious cartoon character with the funniest facial expressions, bursts of zoomies, and howling talkative phrases.

Marshall was one of the 38 hoarder dogs who were living in the pick up truck behind the Marshall’s with their owner, and took the longest to trust us, but he’s finally ready to start looking for his perfect home. He’s probably the most transformed of the crew… he was downright ferocious and untouchable on arrival and took some time to bond, but now he’s become the mushiest and happiest of all of them with his trusted person. He does an adorable happy tap dance at feeding time, greets us jumping up for pets, plays with toys and his doggie friends, likes having his whiskers massaged and little natural mohawk styled, and just has a really cool personality overall. He’s the biggest of our crew, almost 30lbs, and we think about 4-5 years old. He loves the other dogs especially the ladies and took his role of guardian of his little pack seriously, but now that he’s relaxed he just enjoys hanging with his posse.

In the interest of full disclosure, and because we really don’t want to have to explain his odd and specific embarrassing condition at an in person meeting EVER, he does have a bit of an unusual but pretty harmless medical issue. Hmm, how should we put this… He has been neutered so those boy parts are gone, and he’s not been a humper or marker at all which is nice, but his other little manly part has what seems to be an old break and/defect, and isn’t quite shaped right. **throat clear** Let’s just say his lipstick is too long and at the wrong angle to fit all the way in its cover case? There’s some medical term for it but you get the idea, right? Anyway, it’s not really causing him any issue, though definitely alarmed us thinking he needed an emergency vet visit at first. But he’s ok, he’s dealing with it, his fur mostly hides it depending on the angle as long as you keep it long and fuzzy, and he would like us to please never ever ever speak of his very private problem again. He hopes this issue won’t freak you out enough to bypass adopting him, because he’s really turning into a very sweet little guy.

Email [email protected] to meet Marshall the Marshmallow in Northern NJ

December 25, 2023 Post for Marshall:

This jolly fat bearded red man is Marshall! He’s playing Grinch instead of Santa this year and gathering and stealing all the other dogs’ toys for himself since he’s not adopted yet. Help save Christmas for our other fosters and adopt him!

This silly playful guy is very nervous at first with new people but once he gets comfortable he loves being hugged and squeezed and bounces around the house doing zoomies and finding ways to have fun. He loves other dogs and since he came from a hoarding situation, dogs are all he knows, so he will need a home with at least one other dog in the home and lots and lots of toys so there are plenty for everyone to share. He’s about 25lbs and some kind of adorable terrier mix. He’s about 4-5 years old, neutered and updated on shots.

Email [email protected] to meet Marshall in Northern NJ!

Since COVID-19, we are no longer holding our Sunday adoption events until further notice, but we are scheduling meet and greet appointments with a specific dog or dogs at our meeting spots in Northern NJ. To streamline adoptions, all communication before, during, and after the adoption process is done through email only: we have limited volunteers able to return phone calls. Submit an application from our website to speed up the adoption process and email any questions to us at [email protected]. Please check your email regularly for next steps. All our dogs reside in foster care in Northern NJ until adoption and we do not have a central shelter location. We are a small all-volunteer organization focused on rescuing local dogs from area shelters, as well as accepting some surrenders and puppy mill rescues.

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