Missy & Riley Bonded Pair (Brother and Sister) at Second Chance Pet Adoption League

Second Chance Pet Adoption League
Oak Ridge, NJ 07438
United States

Missy & Riley
Missy - Havapoo, Riley - Teddy Bear (Shih tzu bichon) or Cavachon (Cavalier/bichon)
Age Range
Missy (black) is 1 year old, Riley is 2 years old
Missy (black) 8 pounds, Riley - 17 pounds
Missy - black, Riley - creme and tan
Spayed Neutered

January 16, 2024 Second Chance Pet Adoption League Facebook Post for Missy & Riley:

Missy and Riley love a snow day ❄️
These fun youngsters who grew up together in a puppy mill cage are really enjoying their newfound freedom and all the new experiences, including running and chasing each other and their other doggie friends in the snow.
While still skittish with people and being handled, they are making progress each day and will seek us out for treats and feeding time. Riley is a social butterfly with dogs who can make anyone play with him, and little Missy is his follower who copies everything he does. They are looking for a patient home together, preferably with other dog friends too, where they can continue to explore the world and have fun together.

December 29, 2023 Second Chance Pet Adoption League Facebook Post for Missy & Riley:

Meet our newest little ones, Missy and Riley!
They are the young adorable designer non-shedding breeds that everyone wants, but they aren’t the right fit for just anyone. These shy pups were lucky to be released from a puppy mill fairly young and in decent health, but it was still long enough that they missed out on a normal puppyhood and socialization and left permanent psychological scars.

Missy (black) is a 1 year old 8lb female Havapoo (supposedly), and her best friend Riley is a 2 year old 17lb male either Teddy Bear (Shih tzu bichon) or Cavachon? (Cavalier/bichon). Our best guesses. They apparently grew up together in the mill and so far seem to be very bonded and become distressed when separated, so we are hoping to find them a home together, and preferably with other friendlier dogs in the household also to help them continue to come out of their shells.
Both are timid but want to be friendly, jump away when first approached or picked up but calm down as they are held and petted. Riley is a social butterfly with other dogs and gets so excited to make new doggie friends, and you can tell he is going to have a fun-loving playful personality given time. Little Missy hides behind her “big brother” and looks to him for reassurance but follows him and gains confidence from his presence. Both will need patience and work on housebreaking, learning to walk on leash, and enjoy life out of a cage for the first time. Due to their fear of approaching humans they will always be major flight risks if they ever got loose and will need a home diligent in making sure they stay safe. (They will go home with secure martingales like all of our dogs as well as AirTags for extra protection).

Missy & Riley are funny, athletic, curious, and playful

Email [email protected] to meet this adorable duo in Northern NJ

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December 29, 2023 Post for Missy & Riley:

January 16, 2024 Post for Missy & Riley:
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