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Shepherd & Golden Retriever Mix
Age Range
3 years old
48 pounds
Spayed Neutered

January 15, 2024 Post for Pluto:
Pluto here - checking back in as he got his weekly bath yesterday (on Sunday) and he's LOVING it and all the attention! Pluto has some skin issues due to the stress of the shelter and he's being treated by the Vet and he's one of her favorite patients😻 Not only is he a champ in the bath, and good with his Vet visits, Pluto is also:
- 2 year shelter resident 😕
- Only 3 years old (which means more than 1/2 his life has been in the shelter system)😿
- He is very potty trained.👍
- Knows commands (sit, stay, shake, drop it, ++)
- Loves to play fetch.🥎
- Good on leash. ✅
- Prob best as only dog, but we can do a meet if you like to see if he will get along with your pup.
- Big kid friendly. 👍
- Unfortunately, not kitty friendly.
- Cuddly and loving.🫶
- Super cute.😁

Pluto has had some visitors but just hasn't found the right fit yet. We wonder what he thinks -- he keeps meeting people but is he wondering why they don't choose him as he always tries to convince people to pick him. He will play ball with them, allow them to give him butt scratches, and even kisses them. Sometimes he even sits on their lap 💗

It's so heartbreaking that these dogs just wait day after day to get a second chance. Pluto just wants to play in the yard and go for walks, and he likes to be assured he's a good boy!!

Pluto needs a rescuer or adopter.

We are open 7 days a week from 12-4:30 for adoptions, fostering, rescues, and visits. Reach out to us if you want more info on PLUTO or to meet him at [email protected] or 732.922.0100

Let's get this cutie a home or foster👊🙌

Original Post:

We think PLUTO is out of this world

Not only is he always happy to see you but he's just 48 lbs of silly energy. He's housebroken, 2 years young, loves playing ball, and he's family friendly!!

We're open daily from 12-4:30 for adoptions! Come visit the cutest boy with a little nub tail

Email us with any questions at [email protected] or call us at 732-922-0100

PLUTO would also love a Foster home where he can settle down from shelter life.
If you are interested in fostering or adopting Pluto give us a call or complete an application:

Application to adopt Pluto:
Application to foster Pluto:


Video of Pluto getting groomed:
Video of Pluto playing April 7, 2022:

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Video of Pluto getting groomed can be found on January 15, 2024 Post for Pluto:

Video of Pluto playing April 7, 2022:
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