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Garden State German Shepherd Rescue
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Long-coated Black Shepherd
Age Range
7 months old
Black with slight sable markings

🐾Adoptable: Raya🐾

This adorable 7 month old female is ready to find her furever home. She is a long-coated black shepherd (with slight sable markings). Raya was saved by a family after finding out she was living outside for months...which, unfortunately, was the majority of her young life. She is energetic, friendly, and an all-around fun loving pup.

Raya will need further training in house manners because, like a typical puppy, she likes to steal shoes, counter surf, and jump up on people; she is also slightly mouthy. As a result, she would do best in a home with older dog-savvy children (8+) who can participate with training Raya. Raya has also lived with other dogs, so she would be fine with being an only dog, or being in a home with one other large-breed male dog. (She will not be rehomed to a house with another female shepherd.) She has not been in a home with small dogs. She has had limited exposure to cats and does well with proper introductions but still sometimes does chase them if/when they run. To be considered for a cat home, an adoptive family must have experience with slow introductions (between dogs and cats) and have a separate space for the dog / cat(s) while Raya is adjusting.

Raya is doing very well with potty training but, like all pups, does have the occasional accident. She is crate trained as well. Due to her prior months living outside, she is hesitant to go outside without a human with her, so a home that can continue to build her confidence will be needed. Also, based on her past, a fenced in yard is required for Raya, as it will benefit her confidence building and to ensure safety. Prior GSD experience preferred.

If you think Raya may be a good fit for your family, please apply at gsgsr.org. If you have previously applied for any other dog and would like to be considered for Raya, please message us directly with your interest and your "AA00--" number you received on your application confirmation. We are not affiliated with any other rescue so please make sure that you apply directly with GSGSR.

Raya is: Friendly, Affectionate, Loyal, Gentle, Playful, Smart, Curious, Funny, Loves Kisses

Garden State German Shepherd Rescue Adoption Application can be found on the homepage:
https://www.gsgsr.org homepage
or directly at: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfHby9f95kOSF7sDkNEDink7xlQc7En-G3UyCWjVxeVHKECXA/viewform

For more information, please visit the website provided.

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Adoption Application:
https://www.gsgsr.org homepage

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