Yona the Chihuahua / Mix at Rosemarie's Rescue Ranch

Rosemarie's Rescue Ranch
Verona, NJ 07044
United States

Chihuahua & Mix
Age Range
Birthdate: 11/12/2022
12 pounds
Black and Tan


Adorable little Yona is one of our Aruba rescues! She was found as a stray and we brought her north for a better chance at a forever home. We think at 12 lbs she won't be getting too much bigger, so what you see is probably what you get!

Yona is a timid girl who is learning to trust and learning to relax now that she is off the streets. Although she is shy and unsure of herself (being new to having a home,) she is also very curious. For example, when a new person comes over, she may hide at first, but her curiosity overtakes her and she comes out to investigate and check you out. She won't come over for pets initially though, until she convinced you are not a threat. Then she will gradually come over for sniffs. She needs to be the one to approach you, and she will, once she starts to trust you.

Yona doesn't show any interest in toys, and may not even know what they are just yet. She likes to sleep and hang in her crate, which is kept open all the time. She loves her crate - it is her safe spot and her napping spot and she has no problems going in. She follows her foster mom around the house a lot. She's a good eater and foster allows her to graze. She has no aggression at all - food or otherwise. She is pretty much housebroken, and will run to the door when she needs to go out. She is also wee-wee pad trained. She loves her walks and checking everything out, but she is afraid of cars still and will react a bit when they come by her.

Yona is beginning to trust and learning new things every day. She is internalizing that she is safe now, but that process doesn't happen overnight. Foster is seeing her relax more every day, and the more exposure she has to good and kind people will only help move her forward. Foster has only had her 2 weeks, and sees improvement already. She doesn't jump up and give them kisses just yet, but she will now lay down next to them on the couch to relax. Baby steps...!

Yona needs a home that is a calm place to land, with people who have time and patience. While not hostile to kids at all, their noise and sudden movements can frighten her until she gets used to them.

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