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Orlando the German Shepherd Mix at Lost Paws Animal Rescue
Raritan, NJ
Posted 5/9/2024
Maxine the Lab German Shepherd Mix at Lost Paws Animal Rescue
Warren Township, NJ
Posted 5/9/2024
From Bark to Bonds: The Critical Role of Communication in Rescue Dog Relationships
Unlock the language of your rescue dog! Move beyond commands, dive into shared moments. Master the art of understanding for a deeper, more meaningful connection.
The Wisdom of Dogs: A Lesson in Unadulterated Joy and Mindful Living
In moments when life's chaos becomes overwhelming, look to your canine companion for guidance. They provide a masterclass in discovering joy through simplicity, being present, and living in the now.
From Shelter to Shape: How Your Rescue Dog Can Be Your Best Personal Trainer
Adopt a rescue dog and gain a live-in personal trainer that brings fun and affection to your exercise routine.
When Fostering Leads to Forever: Embracing the "Foster Fail"
There's no such thing as a foster fail; only a foster success!
Time Well Spent:The Compounding Benefits of Training Your Dog
In dog training, positive reinforcement and consistency lead to a well-mannered pup. Each minute of training promises endless moments of harmony and companionship.
Puppy Power: The Multifaceted Health Advantages of Dog Ownership
Owning a dog is not just about having a furry companion to play and snuggle with. It turns out that having a dog can actually benefit your health in many ways.
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