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Black Shepherd
Age Range
3 years old
Spayed Neutered

Say hello to Sequoia. His quest for a forever home has captured our hearts, and as we follow him on this journey, we've collated a series of posts for you. These snapshots into Sequoia's world are designed to introduce his endearing persona and the enriching experiences that await you should you choose to welcome him into your family.

The following is from the January 1, 2024 Facebook Post from Trina & Friends K-9 Rescue for Sequoia:

(Note: a short video of Sequoia playing can be viewed in the comments on the Jan. 1 post)

It's truly baffling that such a stunning black German Shepherd like Sequoia has not yet been adopted. Sequoia made the long journey from California to Bayville, NJ, where he is currently being fostered. Estimated to be around 3 years old, Sequoia is an incredible dog, but he requires an owner with breed experience to provide him with the care and understanding he needs.

While Sequoia gets along well with other dogs, he is not suited for a home with cats or young children. One thing that really lights up Sequoia's world is his love for playing with the ball. His enthusiasm for this simple pleasure is truly heartwarming to witness.

It's clear that Sequoia has so much love and companionship to offer. Hopefully, a suitable and loving forever home will be found for him soon, where he can thrive and bring joy to his new family.


Sequoia is a handsome gentleman who is about 3 years old and incredibly intelligent!

He will need a knowledgeable person with breed experience to help him reach his full potential.

He's good with Dogs but does have food aggression, so it's best to feed him separately to prevent any issues. Structure will alleviate this as a problem.

This striking dog is not a typical family type dog. He needs to work, train and learn. He would be amazing for agility, obedience, scent work and more.

He's great with people and has a friendly disposition.


November 3, 2023 Post for Sequoia:
🐾 Introducing Sequoia: A Majestic Black Shepherd in Need of a Forever Home! 🐾

🌲 Welcome, animal lovers! We have an incredible canine companion to introduce to you today. Meet Sequoia, an awe-inspiring Black Shepherd who has overcome adversity and is now looking for a loving forever family. Currently being fostered in beautiful Bayville, NJ, Sequoia is ready to embark on a new chapter of his life and find his perfect match.

🌟 Sequoia is a strikingly handsome shepherd estimated to be around 3 years old. His sleek black coat and regal appearance are sure to turn heads wherever he goes. But it's not just his looks that make him special; Sequoia is a truly wonderful dog with a heart full of love to give.

🐶 When it comes to his furry companions, Sequoia is a social butterfly. He gets along well with other dogs and enjoys their company during playtime and walks. However, due to his strong prey drive, Sequoia would do best in a home without cats. Additionally, while he adores humans, a household with older children would be a better fit for him as young kids may be overwhelmed by his size and energy.

🏡 Sequoia is seeking an experienced and knowledgeable adopter who understands the unique needs of a shepherd. As an intelligent and strong-willed breed, he thrives when given clear boundaries and consistent leadership. Sequoia is a sweet and affectionate boy, but like any shepherd, he benefits from having an alpha person who can provide him with guidance and structure.

🐾 If you're an experienced dog owner looking for an incredible companion to share your life with, Sequoia could be the perfect match for you. He has so much potential and is ready to blossom in a home filled with love, patience, and understanding. With the right person by his side, Sequoia will flourish into the loyal and devoted companion he was meant to be.

Sequoia is protective, brave, independent, loyal, smart, and good with other dogs but not children

To adopt Sequoia, please complete an Adoption Application at:

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January 1, 2024 Post for Sequoia:

November 3, 2023 Post for Sequoia:
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